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Intro to the Blog

Updated: Jul 13, 2018

Dear readers,

Welcome to the InterIntellectus blog! In hopes of procrastinating no further, this first entry is a simple exploration into why this blog will/should/wants to exist.


I, Pattie Umali of InterIntellectus, manage and write this blog. The blog may also feature guest contributors.


This blog will cover topics including (but not limited to) game design, international education, global education, indie games, educational games, global citizenship, citizen diplomacy, and much more. Guest entries will be welcome and cherished!






I am starting this blog in hopes of establishing a forum for the exploration and discussion of utilizing the immersive ability of video gaming to enhance and supplement a learner's global and international education. As a proponent and student of intercultural education, I feel that intercultural competence and cultural knowledge is a key necessity for all people on Earth as we know it in 2016.


With my blood, sweat, and tears.

Stay tuned for posts coming soon!

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