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Plugging into the globe

We put intercultural learning and cultural knowledge at the front of our design process. We make games, video, apps, and media that help individuals to recognize the power of cultural empathy and global citizenship. InterIntellectus embraces the potential that game-based learning and interactive, digital experiences hold.

InterIntellectus is also open for partnership and/or consultation with other game studios and media companies. 

Pattie Umali is leading a development team in building InterIntellectus' first video game, a fantasy adventure role-playing game set in World War II Philippines entitled The Girl Who Sees.


InterIntellectus, LLC was founded in 2016 to provide innovative ways to incorporate intercultural competence and global citizenship into every individual’s life. InterIntellectus served as both a media production company and an educational consulting organization. ​


In December 2018, InterIntellectus NFP was formed to better represent the educational and cultural goals and mission of our organization.


Pattie Umali is an international education practitioner and game designer devoted to teaching youth about contemporary cultures and peoples throughout the world. She holds an MA in Intercultural and International Communication from American University that focused on technology in international education. Technological advances, like real-time video conferencing and virtual reality platforms, present new opportunities for those without access to traditional study abroad to still participate in an intercultural experience. In the same vein, Pattie wants to spark an earlier interest in global education and world cultures in the K-12 age group through gaming. She received her BA in Sociology and International Relations from Brown University. Her international experiences have taught her the importance of interaction with people from other cultures. While in college, she spent a summer in Manila interning with the Philippines branch of the Ashoka - Innovators for the Public and the Ateneo University School of Government assisting with social entrepreneurship initiatives. Pattie studied abroad in Amsterdam during her junior year. Before coming to AU, she worked in enrollment management and customized programming at a study abroad provider in Chicago. 


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